Sacred Meditation

Sacred Meditation offers Personal Meditation Instruction, Day Retreats and a Garden Retreat with accommodation for one to two people in the beautiful hamlet of Gawthrop, Dentdale. The Retreat is situated in Gawthrop, Cumbria, on the western edge of the Yorkshire Dales within easy reach of the Lake District. It is hosted by Eliza and David Harrison who work with a team of highly trained Meditation Teachers. Sacred Meditation not only offers a meditation practice that brings far-reaching results, but understanding of the process of spiritual growth and transformation.

The practices offered by Sacred Meditation are age-old, universal and suitable for those of all ages, beliefs and lifestyles.

The Sacred refers to the indefinable, inexpressible part of us that lies beyond the reach of the ego mind – a limitless resource that we can access whenever we choose. Once this part of ourselves is reclaimed, we not only begin to heal ourselves but the world around us too and experience the underlying unity of all.

It is your Light that lights the world