a pathway of re-connection with the truth of ourselves

Sacred Meditation offers a timeless pathway that draws upon the wisdom of the Eastern and Western Mystery traditions and Aramaic teachings of Christ Yeshua

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My lifelong passion has been exploring spiritual paths in both the East and the West and I have been a teacher of meditation all my adult life. In 1998 I founded the Meditation Centre in Dent, Cumbria, to bring together those of different faiths and beliefs.

Alongside my work as a spiritual guide, I’m also a photographer and writer, documenting the life and landscape of Northern England. I wrote my autobiography In Search of Freedom in 1997 and my first novel, The Mystery of Martha in 2019, a story about two women, who live 2,000 years apart and tread the same path to awakening.

My latest book In Search of Truth is a memoir and was published in 2023


My early exposure to the Church left me with more questions than answers, but prompted a lifelong quest for spiritual truth.  I then began exploring different spiritual traditions, but with no clear idea of what I was looking for.

Gradually my focus shifted away from doctrine and belief systems towards self-enquiry and discovered ageless, universal mystical teachings that lie at the heart of all spiritual traditions. Only then did I find answers to questions that had haunted me all my life.

Through Sacred Meditation, Eliza and I share these simple, timeless truths, which are accessible to anyone who has the desire to embrace them and awaken to the truth of who we are.


Discover why Britain was once known as the Sacred Isles

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