courses and retreats


Sacred Meditation Courses allow us to experience the mystery

that lies at the heart of all spiritual traditions


Meditation and Beyond

Meditation is key to all spiritual traditions and holds the potential of being much more than a point of pause during the day. During this course Eliza will share ways in which we can retain a meditative state – one of clarity, calm, compassion and insight – in whatever situation we face.

A Way of Love

In 2020, we will be offering an online course in seven parts that will include timeless mystical teaching from the great spiritual traditions, passed down through sacred keys and codes. The course will be given through video and audio recordings, but there will also be personal support, guidance and times of retreat. As feelings of fear and self-doubt are dissolved, heightened states of consciousness are experienced allowing us to realise the truth of yourselves which is love.

Introduction to the Aramaic teachings of Yeshua

Aramaic was spoken throughout the Middle East in Yeshua’s time. It was the language  he spoke and taught in. It is filled with imagery, each word has many levels of meaning, and the sounds have the power to heal and transform. In discovering Yeshua’s original teachings, we gain insight into the multi-layered nature of his teaching from the most practical to the mystical, and realise his teaching is as relevant today as it was two thousand years ago.

Themes behind Eliza’s novel The Mystery of Martha

Two timelines, two women, with both Marthas facing the same challenges and concerns that we encounter today.  By looking more closely at different scenes in the book, we see how the two characters allow each situation to reflect back to them an unknown part of themselves, which ultimately becomes their pathway to awakening.



Music: Klaus Wiese – el Hadra 2019

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