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The Experience and Understanding of Meditation

Part 1: How meditation works    Part 2: The Experience of Meditation    Part 3: Transmuting fear into Love

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Meditation is found within all spiritual traditions and cultures across the world and is used as a way of accessing qualities that reside within us all – creativity, inspiration, vitality, wisdom and feelings of love and joy.

In this Free Online Course, Eliza explains what happens during meditation, how patterns of tension are released, and teaches an effortless, highly effective practice suitable for those of all lifestyles and beliefs as well as those who already meditate.

REMINDERS: a downloadable pdf to accompany this course

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A Pathway of Self-Transformation

David and Eliza will soon be offering another Online Course in which they will share their experiences and understandings about the Pathway of Self-transformation. This will include insights into why we experience feelings of fear and insecurity, and how we can move beyond them to realize the truth of who we really are.

The Untold Story of the Sacred Isles

Through a presentation of eighty photographs, Eliza offers new insight into the spiritual heritage of Britain, once known as the Sacred Isles, based upon  research for her novel The Mystery of Martha. She also tells the story of why sacred teachings were enshrined in these Isles two thousand years ago to be safeguarded for future generations.

This talk will soon be available online.


Music: Klaus Wiese – el Hadra 2019

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