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Sacred Meditation offers a timeless pathway that draws upon the wisdom of both the Eastern and Western Mystery Traditions

Retreats in 2023

Beyond Meditation

Sunday 17 September – 10am–5pm

The experience of being still, centred and connected is our natural state of being, but how do we make this a permanent reality?
During the day, we will learn that whatever activity we engage in, we all have the potential of lifting ourselves to a place of inner quietude and sublime joy.
This course will run again in Spring 2024


Cutting the cords of fear and self-doubt

Sunday 15 October – 10am–5pm

Feelings of fear and self-doubt haunt us from childhood, limiting creativity, self-expression and the way we relate to others. During the day we will discover how the transformative power of Love allows us to transmute such feelings, freeing us to be the Truth of who we are.

This course will run again in Spring 2024


Uncovering the Truth of ‘I Am’

Sunday 12 November – 10am–5pm

A revelatory day when we will discover we are so much more than the person we identify as ‘me’. Drawing upon wisdom from the ancient mystery traditions, we will embark upon a journey to realise the truth of who we are . . . and by doing so, we will not only be lifting the vibrational frequency of ourselves but that of the planet too.


Suggested donation: £80 for one day – £140 for two days – £180 for the 3-part course. However we don’t want anyone to be prevented from attending owing to lack of funds.


For booking and enquiries please use the Contact form  or email me directly on: [email protected]


Retreats in 2024

We will be offering a series of monthly retreats that will be dedicated to helping us awaken to the Truth of who we are.

Dates will be published later this year


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