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Eliza Harrison

Having taught meditation all my adult life, my passion now is to return it to its spiritual roots so people can experience the qualities of the heart – feelings of trust, connectedness, inner knowing and unconditional love. We can do this by following a timeless pathway that draws upon the mystical truths that underlie all spiritual traditions.

Alongside my work as a meditation teacher and spiritual guide, I’m also a photographer and writer and have produced several books including: The Light Within: A Celebration of the Spiritual Path, In Search of Freedom – One Woman’s Journey and more recently The Mystery of Martha, the story of two women in two timelines, who uncover the mystical teachings of Yeshua that allow them to awaken to the truth of who they are.

More than ever I now want to share this ancient wisdom, which we are doing through Sacred Meditation’s courses Listen to your Heart , the Foundation Course and Awaken your Heart. More than ever at the moment our hearts need to be opened to love.



David Harrison

My early exposure to the Church left me with more questions than answers, which launched me on a lifelong quest for spiritual truth. I began by exploring teachings and practices from a variety of spiritual traditions but with no clear idea of what I was searching for.

Gradually my focus shifted away from doctrine and belief systems towards self-exploration. It was then that I began finding answers to questions that had haunted me all my life. It was this that led me to the ageless and universal mystical teachings that lie at the root of all spiritual traditions – and these simple, timeless truths are accessible to anyone who has the desire to embrace them.

Through Sacred Meditation, Eliza and I offer insights into this journey of self-discovery in awakening to the truth of who we are.