a pathway to awakening

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 A Pathway of Awakening

Raising our vibrational frequency through a 7-week online programme

  1. Connecting to Spirit
  2. Veils that cloud the mind
  3. Identifying our fears and insecurities
  4. Dissolving limiting beliefs
  5. Truth brings relief and release
  6. The Nature of Embrace
  7. Living in Trust and Love

The course will involve a weekly webinar hosted by David and Eliza with accompanying meditation practices, pdfs and personal support

Cost: £375

7 February 2021

Places limited to 25 people

We invite you to take the first step by signing up for the Free Online Meditation Course and Follow-up

The Experience and Understanding of Meditation

Part 1: Understanding how meditation works    Part 2: The experience of meditation    Part 3: A timeless pathway

A downloadable pdf of reminders accompanies the course

Meditation is found within all spiritual traditions and cultures across the world. Through this simple, effortless practice, patterns of tension are released, allowing us to access qualities that reside within us all – creativity, inspiration, vitality, wisdom and feelings of love and joy.

This timeless pathway involves moving beyond fear and self-doubt and living from a place Trust and Love. It is imbibed in Britain’s ancient heritage when The Sacred Isles were celebrated as a place of insight and mystical wisdom.

Music: Voces8 – May it be and Klaus Wiese – el Hadra 2019  el-culto.com  el-culto.com

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