a timeless pathway


We offer courses and personal guidance that help us open our hearts to discover the truth of who we are.  It is a timeless pathway that embraces both the Eastern and Western Mystical Traditions.


Eliza introduces one of our courses: Awaken your Heart

A 7 week Course

1. Connecting to Spirit

2. Veils that cloud the mind

3. Softening what is rigid within

4. Dissolving limiting beliefs

5. Truth brings relief and release

6. The Nature of Embrace

7. Living in Trust and Love

 Laura Jane Clare helps with our courses. She is not only an experienced yoga teacher but uses sound and quartz crystal bowls to assist the process of healing and self-transformation.

In 2023 our courses will all take place at Dent Meditation Centre which Eliza founded in 1998


The videos below reveal more about the timeless pathway that Sacred Meditation follows and include ~

The Sacred Isles: Britain’s ancient heritage, the Aramaic Beatitudes,

stories about Eliza’s novel The Mystery of Martha and more . . .