a timeless pathway

awaken your heart

This unique 7-week online programme draws upon mystical teachings that enable us to open our hearts to unconditional love, trust and knowing. These timeless truths are drawn from an ancient pathway given different names throughout the ages and are relevant for us all today.

The 7 week Course

1. Connecting to Spirit

2. Veils that cloud the mind

3. Softening what is rigid within

4. Dissolving limiting beliefs

5. Truth brings relief and release

6. The Nature of Embrace

7. Living in Trust and Love

Rachel (left) Eliza’s daughter and Laura Jane Clare will be helping on the course. Rachel is an accomplished Ayurveda and meditation practitioner, reflexologist and masseuse. Laura has been teaching yoga for more than 30 years and has intimate knowledge of meditation and the process of self-transformation.

Next course: Autumn 2021

Suggested donation ~ £350

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The course includes a weekly 1 hour Zoom session, simple meditation and self-awareness practices as well as personal guidance. Places are limited to ensure sufficient personal support.


The videos below reveal more about the timeless pathway that Sacred Meditation follows and include ~

The Sacred Isles: Britain’s ancient heritage, the Aramaic Beatitudes,

stories about Eliza’s novel The Mystery of Martha and more . . .