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The Experience and Understanding of Meditation

Part 1: How meditation works    Part 2: The experience of meditation    Part 3: An age-old pathway

A downloadable pdf of reminders accompanies this course

Meditation is found within all spiritual traditions and cultures across the world. Through this simple, effortless practice, patterns of tension are released, allowing us to access qualities that reside within us all – creativity, inspiration, vitality, wisdom and feelings of love and joy.

An ancient pathway

Meditation along with self-awareness, enables us to move beyond our fears and insecurities and live from a place of trust and love. This is an age-old pathway revealed in Sacred Meditation’s film about Britain’s ancient heritage, when these islands were once called the Sacred Isles and known to be a place of insight and mystical wisdom.

This winter David and Eliza will be offering short retreats to allow people to experience this age-old pathway.

Music: Voces8 – May it be and Klaus Wiese – el Hadra 2019

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